Stress Awareness Month Has Landed

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Since 1992, April has been recognized as Stress Awareness Month. The goal is to raise public awareness of the causes and treatments for the current stress pandemic. The Mental Health Foundation reports that 74% of UK people have experienced periods of stress. In the UK, there are millions of people who are under a lot of stress, which is bad for our health. So, in April 2022, SDG supported stress awareness month. We started by displayed advice and tips on internal posters, from keeping organised, eating a good balanced diet and talking to people. Additionally, weekly emails with information and facts were sent to all staff members. These topics included "How to cope with a stressed friend," "Stress driving," and "How to de-stress through breathing techniques."

Poster on door about stress awareness information
Poster on door about stress awareness information
Poster on table about stress awareness information

What activities did we do?

  • PJ Day - We organised PJ Day, nothing beats wearing comfy clothing.
  • Netflix Day - We logged into Netflix for all staff to enjoy on their lunch breaks, this gave employees a chance to get away from work. TV takes you to another world and encourages your creativity for when you head back to work.
  • Walking Day - For one day, an extra 15-minute break was given to employees. Staff were encouraged to stretch their legs and get some air. Walking helps reconnect you to your physical body, lowers your blood pressure and can relieve depression.
  • Secret Santa (but we named it Secret Bunny as it was close to Easter) - Staff members were given a £5 limit if they wanted to take part, all players bought a funny, silly gift and then placed it into a box. Each person then had to pick a gift to see what they got; this gave everyone a huge laugh.

This month was crucial for raising awareness and educating workers about the signs of stress. Especially those who don't realise they are showing these signs.

Taking care of our employee's wellbeing is an important part of who we are as a company. So they are now aware of the importance of taking time to reset and not being afraid to talk to people.


We gathered a lot of our information from the Stress Management Society.


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